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Adrian Mikeliunas

Adrian Mikeliunas is an Android instructor for MoDevAcademy.

Adrian has 30 years of experience in information technology, risk management, and security services. Over the course of his career, Mr. Mikeliunas has been an AT&T Security Consultant, implemented a HSPD12 smart card Identity Management solution for several US Federal agencies, and managed the Information Security Certification and Training Programs for the World Bank.

Steve Sheets

Steve Sheets

Founder, WareTo


Steve Sheets teaches our getting started iOS and Objective-C classes for the Academy.

Steve started designing software in 1982. Since then he has worked at Apple Computer, Penguin Software, HouseHold Data, Legends Software and America OnLine (AOL). He has created interface software, graphics and game software, graphical front ends, a drawing program, a bar code conversion program, a video teleconferencing application, an airline reservation system and a professional broadcast audio playback system. Steve also had a lead role in developing the Macintosh version of the AOL software. He has also worked extensively in creating interface and network client-server protocols for Macintosh and PC systems.


Duncan Champney

Founder, WareTo


Duncan teaches our Xcode and getting started iOS classes.

Duncan Champney has been working as an IT professional since 1981 when he started writing software for the Apple II. Over the years Duncan has worked Muse Software, Johnston Laboratories, Intelligent Solutions (ISI), The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) and for many years at America Online (AOL). Duncan has written many kinds of application including word processor software, control systems for medical test equipment, typesetting and database software. At AOL Duncan worked on the first version of AOL software for the Macintosh then lead the development team for the 2.0 version as well. He also worked on the team that designed the host and client protocols (known as FDO91) for AOL’s next generation online services. Duncan also lead AOL’s third party development group, where he worked with 17 direct reports to expand AOL’s ability to integrate with other applications.